Kylie Sutton

Kylie is a mama, wife, seeker of possibilities and sun chaser. When she is not at the studio sweating it out practicing or teaching you can often find Kylie riding her bike with her husband; Brandon and their daughter; Malaya seeking out all of the sweet gems the city has to offer. She is passionate… More details


Trish Crick

Hi!  First and most important I am a student and aspire to a daily practice of gratitude, meditation, mindfulness and all that yoga has to offer. I am constantly inspired by those that I have the privilege of teaching in the MYK hot room as well as all whose path I cross. Co-owning MYK along with… More details


Jane Howell

I grew up in Australia, first living in the mountains then moving to be by the ocean. Yoga has been a part of my life since childhood, with my mum practicing in the living room every morning. I started with a playful yoga practice in my young teens and the journey has continued to take… More details


Roz Huber

Born and raised in rural Kelowna, Roz has loved being active from day one. Rooting herself in the outdoors was a prime landscape for running, biking , snowboarding, hiking, camping and of course, basketball. Roz found yoga 5 years ago in the midst of her varsity basketball career with the UBC Okanagan Heat as an outlet from university courses and the physical demands of training on… More details


Karla Fredrich

My yoga journey started in 2007 when I was visiting my home town of Winnipeg. My sister invited me to try hot yoga. Even though it was extremely hard, and I found myself wondering if i I would survive, my passion for yoga was born in that class. I found myself thinking about the class… More details


Ian Jamieson

An executive at a local bank with a strong background in competitive sport, Ian felt like a square peg in a round hole walking in to a yoga studio for the first time.  That first class was tough! One month later there was little hesitation committing to a membership.  A daily practice developed and the… More details


Patti Dorin

  Patti grew up right here in beautiful Kelowna!  Her passion for hot yoga began several years ago when she was looking for the physical benefits that yoga can offer, primarily flexibility and strength. As well Patti had high hopes that yoga would help heal her chronic lower back pain.  After her first hot yoga… More details


Jill Molinaro

My yoga journey…As long as I can remember health and well being have been an integral part of my life … and then I was introduced to the Ashtanga Yoga Practice; with this my commitment to and appreciation of my physical well being was transformed to new level!  Not only was I reaping the health… More details

nicole olthuis

Nicole Olthuis

Nicole is a prairie girl, raised in Saskatchewan and new to the the sunny Okanagan. She attended the Level One Moksha training in Kelowna July 2016 and just couldn’t stay away. Nicole began practicing yoga at Moksha when a job training took her to a class as a team building exercise. A seasoned vet in the… More details

tara pilling

Tara Pilling

Tara Pilling aggressively pursued her studies in1995, when A family tragedy left her with loss and pain which came to an unbearable point in her life. With many years of training and experience in fitness and as a physical and occupational therapy assistant-Tara started searching for another way to ‘feel better’ that conventional medicine and exercise could not… More details