Jill Molinaro

My yoga journey…As long as I can remember health and well being have been an integral part of my life … and then I was introduced to the Ashtanga Yoga Practice; with this my commitment to and appreciation of my physical well being was transformed to new level!  Not only was I reaping the health benefits of my practice but things were shifting; my emotional and spiritual well being became something I was well aware of.  I welcomed the strength, focus, balance, and inner calmness that this practice brought into my life.  15 years later, it continues to challenge me mentally, physically and emotionally; and this continues to create and propel my personal growth.I then joined the Moksha community when the 1st studio opened in Calgary, Alberta about 5 years ago (2009), and that was when my yoga world blew wide open!  At this point, practicing yoga not only became my passion, but a passion that I wanted to share with others.  My journey to learn the art of safely guiding others through their yoga practice began with taking the Moksha Teacher Training in Brazil (January 2012).  I have since continued my education studying Yoga Therapy, Restorative yoga and one of my loves, Vinyasa Flow.   Each class I walk into knowing that it has the capacity to be a transformational journey for each individual; the simple fact that I have the opportunity to help facilitate such an experience is an honour.  I am committed to consistently training and learning as well as my personal practice so that I can continually share accurate, informative, beneficial and most certainly authentic information.
Now, I am so excited to be joining this beautiful yoga community here in Kelowna.  I have so much gratitude for the opportunity to share such a space with each and every individual that comes out to their mat.  I look forward to breathing, sweating and practicing with each and every one of you!Through my thoughts, my words and most certainly what is in my heart, Namaste.