kelly craig

Kelly Craig

Born and raised in North Vancouver, this is where I found my first yoga class.  Going only once and a while for many many years.  I experienced yoga on the beach in Maui on family vacations, I absolutely loved it and the experience landed within my heart.  Shortly after moving to Kelowna I decided to challenge myself with 30 days of Bikram yoga!  Just took the leap of faith and dove right in!  Literally!  I could not believe the change within myself once I completed the challenge.

When Moksha Kelowna opened up, my daughter Ashley talked me into giving Moksha a try.  I went once and never left!  My practice continued as it also became a part of my daughters life.  We loved spending time together in the hot room and supporting one and other.  Thanks to Moksha and the amazing teachers there at that time, my daughter went to Costa Rica and took a teacher training which became a ripple effect of growth within her own self.

My journey of change, soul searching and recovery throughout the last 11 years has brought many men and woman into my life.  My love of working with them and supporting them has become one of my most loved purposes in life.  Making the decision to become a yoga teacher opened up my boundaries so that I could be of service to even more men and woman looking for change, growth, teachings and recovery.

I took the Moksha teacher training in June of 2015 right here in Kelowna and was able to dive deep within myself, my personal practice, the teachings of anatomy, alignment, philioshopy, mindfulness and so much more.  I was also able to reflect on what I had already learned before my training and weave all the teachings together to continue my growth and journey of mind, body and spirit.  Adding to my trainings and hours, I attended Mocean Yoga’s 1st teacher training in May of 2016 in Nicaragua.  Diving deep into the healing of self, soaking up and embracing the whole experience.  Life is a journey, a practice, full of lessons and growth.  It all starts with an open mind and a warm heart!  Stop, pause and breathe.