Patricia Oliviera

Patricia Oliveira

Patricia “Trishy” Oliveira

Originally from Toronto, I ended up in Kelowna because I wanted to live out west, in a smaller city than Toronto. So when faced with the choice of which university to attend, UBC’s Okanagan campus seemed like a shining beacon of light. I moved to Kelowna in September 2010 and have been here ever since.

Growing up I had always played a variety of sports & taken dance, but when I was introduced to my first Hatha practice I was hooked. I remember shortly after that, I began practicing with my mother which I believe helped build a great foundation for my practice for later years to come.

I first started practicing hot yoga in early 2012, since then I have experimented with a variety of styles of hot yoga, but I remember the first class being tough. I felt nauseous, I felt angry, sweat was getting in my eyes and blinding me, and I was slipping all over my mat! Nevertheless, I showed up for class the next day a bit more prepared and sure- I still felt a bit nauseous but class by class, it got better.. and it keeps getting better every time I find myself on my mat and in the hot room.

By early 2013 a friend brought me to Moksha for a busy Friday night Karma class, I wasn’t used to being so close and personal in the hot room but I loved that they made sure no one would miss out if class hadn’t started and there weren’t 55 spaces filled up. A few months later I found myself at a time in my life where I was really struggling with my asthma and the hot room seemed like the best answer even though at times it made it very hard to breathe. With every class my breathe got deeper, longer, more sustainable, which in turn made my postures stronger, it allowed me to experiment with variations that I once thought I might not be strong enough for, I realized that with the breathe I could do anything if I really wanted to.

After a few months of practice at Moksha I decided to join the energy exchange program, to keep both my sanity throughout the last semester of school and my yoga practice going strong. Even when I didn’t think my practice could get any stronger, being an active member in the community really helped me grow both on and off the mat. It gave my practice even more purpose and intention than ever before. By giving the studio my energy, the energy it gave to me in return was much more powerful. Even more the studio became my second home, it has turned into space I can always find peace, a helping hand, or a warm hug. Most of all, it is a space where I can show up as my truest self.

Although I am yet to have any teacher training under my belt, I am happy to find myself apart of the MYK team today as I continue to grow on this epic journey ~