tara pilling

Tara Pilling

Tara Pilling aggressively pursued her studies in1995, when A family tragedy left her with loss and pain which came to an unbearable point in her life. With many years of training and experience in fitness and as a physical and occupational therapy assistant-Tara started searching for another way to ‘feel better’ that conventional medicine and exercise could not give to her. This led to many years of travel, studies and experiences in holistic and energy healing and medicine, yoga, and meditation which ‘gifted’ Tara with better health, wholeness, peace and a deeper joy for life.

Tara Pilling is a holistic health and energy based medicine practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, ayurveda lifestyle coaching. Her passion are practices rooted in life coaching and compassion, with an intent to serve. Tara has spent over 20 years in study and practical application of various modalities of energy based and holistic healing therapy. Tara is certified and experienced as a Body Talk Practitioner, Touch For Health Practitioner, Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner, Access Consciousness (Bars), EFT (emotional freedom technique) and 6 years ago Tara started pursuing studies as an Ayurveda Coach. Tara has been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500hrs) for over 13 years training and certification in Hatha Yoga, feldenkrais, alignment based yoga (Iyengar and Anusara), Bow-Spring (Sridaiva Yoga), restorative yoga, pre/post natal, breath-work, Zazen and Vipassana meditation.

“I have two amazing younger children and a deep love for my family and friends. I love to connect to nature any chance I get; hiking, biking, paddle-boarding, surfing, skiing and traveling. I am very dedicated to my practices and have wonderful supportive teachers including Michael Stone (Shoken), ‘Muggs’ McConnell (SOYA), and Diederik Wolsak (Choose Again). Presently I’m pursuing my University Mastery Training with Tony Robbins. My intention in my personal and professional life is to be a conduit of love in all it’s capacities with an intention to serve.” From my heart, Tara

Tara is so grateful to partake in the Moksha community, you will see her on a regular bases around the studio taking in her favorite Moksha yoga class, teaching and offering 1:1 sessions in body talk and as a holistic practitioner and lifestyle coach. If you’re interested in experiencing a session with Tara please contact her at tarapilling@gmail.com or 250-878-9642.