Wendi Dale

I was born and raised right here in the beautiful city of Kelowna. My youth was spent enjoying the nature of things , camping , fishing , water sports , winter sports and year round hiking . Exploring the vast beauty of this valley , to this day , never gets old !
A series of events brought me to my first heated class  about 7 yrs ago, while  having never tried yoga of any style , the heated room became my first love . At this point in my life I was in search for a “peace” of myself , as soon as I hit my mat , closed my eyes, and focused inward on my breath, I had found that piece of what I thought was missing. I felt connected to my body for the first time. For me this first class had changed the course of my life. I had an instant desire to learn more about myself and why yoga made me feel so good . Even before that class was over I was planning a trip to India in my head.
India has yet to happen, though its still in my vision…My journey has, however, taken me to various enchanting places. Bali in Indonesia, Nosara in Costa Rica, in the tree tops , listening to the epic sounds of jungle, Howler monkeys and all. In each place I spent time in, before the wheels of the plane had a chance to lift off and fly home, I’d be planning trips back to take a yoga teacher training . My desire to become a “teacher” was growing stronger .
The Buddhist Proverb “when the student is ready , the teacher will appear ” rings a deep chord within me. After I took my first ever Moksha class , was the day my dreams began to form roots . Always having a desire to do something that I love that can help others , I decided to apply myself into making the steps to take the Level 1 Moksha Teacher Training . With the both the warmth and support of the Moksha community, friends and family, I was accepted into the Montreal Moksha Teacher Training 2013!
I am excited to be a part of the Moksha Community and to  keep learning from my teachers so that I can help guide others to find that place of “peace” on their mats . To be able to see the peace in others after guiding a class is the biggest gift of all. I understand now why the teachers were always thanking the class for coming .
I am inspired to share my love of this practice , and I look forward to seeing you on your mat!